SHRP2 Bridge Solutions  
The nation's aging bridge inventory calls for new solutions for bridge maintenance, repair, and construction
  • Tool kits and standard designs for prefabricated bridges
  • Testing technologies to assess bridge deck deterioration
  • Tools to better manage risk on complex projects
  • Methods to integrate ecosystems into highway planning
SHRP2 Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal

NEW: Bridge Brochure spotlights Bridge products of SHRP2 (updated 09/17)​

The Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal product:

  • A design toolkit for state and local departments of transportation to better implement accelerated bridge construction techniques and approaches.
  • Standardized approaches to streamline the activities required to get bridge replacement systems designed, fabricated, and erected in less time to minimize safety risks to travelers and contractors and reduce environmental disruptions.
  • Standard design plans for foundation systems, substructure and superstructure systems, subsystems, and components that can be installed quickly with mini
  • Design detail standards and design examples for complete prefabricated bridge systems.