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SHRP2 Bridge Solutions  
The nation's aging bridge inventory calls for new solutions for bridge maintenance, repair, and construction
  • Tool kits and standard designs for prefabricated bridges
  • Testing technologies to assess bridge deck deterioration
  • Tools to better manage risk on complex projects
  • Methods to integrate ecosystems into highway planning
SHRP2 Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal

Bridge Brochure spotlights Bridge products of SHRP2

Products and Solutions

Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal – Tool kits and standard designs for bridges that can be built more quickly and efficiently (R04)

Service Life Design for Bridges – Service life design guide for bridges (R19A)

Service Limit State Design – Enhanced bridge design guidance tool (R19B)

Nondestructive Testing for Concrete Bridge Decks – Web tool to detect deterioration of concrete bridge decks (R06A)

Nondestructive Testing for Tunnels - Web tool to detect deterioration in tunnel linings (R06G)

Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal – Specifications to reduce claims and inspection costs and accelerate construction of aging infrastructure (R07)

Techniques to Fingerprint Construction Materials – Portable quality control technology to verify the unique fingerprint of common construction materials (R06B)

Technologies to Enhance Quality Control on Asphalt Pavements – Nondestructive techniques for detecting defect areas in asphalt pavements during construction (R06C)

Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects – Tools to enable states to better manage construction risks (R09)

Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects – Innovative strategies for managing complex projects (R10)

Improving Coordination With Utilities – Three new tools to reduce conflicts and promote more coordination between utilities and transportation agencies (R01A, R01B, R15B)