Renewal Icon   SHRP2 renew​​​​​​al Solutions
Renew and Improve Our Highway System
  • Repair and replace bridges faster
  • Design longer-lasting bridges
  • More accurately inspect concrete bridge decks and tunnel linings
  • Design and construct low-cost, long-life pavement systems
  • Better detect and manage utility conflicts
SHRP2 Bridge Products

America’s Bridges Need Repair or Replacement: SHRP2 is on the Job

  • New Bridge Brochure spotlights Bridge products of SHRP2

Service Life Design for Bridges (R19A) Product Page

Service Limit State Design for Bridges (R19B) Product Page

Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (R04) Product Page

SHRP2 Pavement and Materials Solutions

Nondestructive Testing Solutions to Better Construct and Maintain America’s Roads, Bridges and Tunnels

  • Brochure describing seven SHRP2 forensic and testing tools for the road ahead.

NEW Pavement Solutions Brochure

  • Describes how preservation strategies are operating in 11 states

SHRP2 Pavement and Materials Solutions Fact Sheet

  • Summary of new pavement systems and testing methods

Guidelines for the Preservation of High-Traffic-Volume Roadways (R26) Product Page

Pavement Renewal Solutions (R23) Product Page

New Composite Pavement Systems (R21) Fact Sheet

  • Practical recommendations for construction specifications and techniques, life-cycle costs, quality management procedures and training materials.

ND Toolbox (R06) Fact Sheet

  • Catalogue of web-based options to consider in assessing bridge deterioration

Nondestructive Testing for Concrete Bridge Decks and Tunnel Linings (R06 A/G)
Product Page

Advanced Methods to Identify Pavement Delamination (R06D) Fact Sheet

  • Tools to detect subsurface delamination in asphalt pavements

Rapid Technologies to Enhance Quality Control on Asphalt Pavements (R06C) Product Page

  • Nondestructive techniques for detecting defect areas in asphalt pavements during construction

Techniques to Fingerprint Construction (R06B) Fact Sheet

  • Portable quality control technology to verify the unique fingerprint of common construction materials

Tools to Evaluate and Improve Pavement (R06E) Fact Sheet

  • Model specifications and guidelines were for tools to measure concrete pavement smoothness
SHRP2 Railroad Product

Railroad-DOT Mitigation Strategies (R16) Product Page

SHPR2 Utility Products

Encouraging Innovation in Locating Utilities (R01) Fact Sheet

  • Web‐based software tool helps select site‐specific location technologies

Improving Coordination with Utilities (R01A, R01B, R15B) Product Page

Innovation in Location of Deep Utilities (R01C) Fact Sheet

  • Innovation in Locating Deep Utilities
SHRP2 Material Solutions

GeoTech Tools (R02) Fact Sheet

  • helps select site-specific geotechnical solutions

Precast Concrete Pavement (R05) Fact Sheet

  • Tools to match pavement installation options to projects, specifications for design, fabrication, and installation
SHRP2 Program and Project Management Solutions

Work Zone Impact Estimation Software (R11) Fact Sheet

  • Tool to analyze construction impacts of multiple, concurrent work zones

Worker Fatigue Risk Management (R03) Fact Sheet

  • Guidelines and training to reduce worker fatigue in rapid renewal projects

Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects (R10)

Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal (R07) Product Page

Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects (R09) Fact Sheet

  • Tools to enable states to better manage construction risks
  • Oregon Department of Transportation R09 Case Studyto save time and money​​