What's New in SHRP2

SHRP2 2016 Implementation Highlights report released

SHRP2 has successfully delivered $130 million in financial and technical assistance. More than 60 SHRP2 Solutions are now available for implementation by state departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, local and tribal agencies, and FHWA's Federal Lands divisions. This report includes feature articles on several SHRP2 Solutions.

​Read the report here​.​

2017 EconWorks Webinar Series​

SHRP2 will be hosting a webinar series aimed at acquainting transportation planners with the tools and resources developed for the EconWorks program. This series will cover the ways in which case studies and economic analysis tools can be used for program and project evaluation by state DOTs, MPOs and others interested in applying these methods.​

A concurrent series of webinars offered on alternative months will provide participants with the opportunity to see how these tools have been applied by state DOTs and MPOs who participated in the EconWorks implementation assistance program. Additional information on which states will be presenting will be added as they are confirmed.​​

Updated State-by-State Chart of SHRP2 Implementation

  • See which states are implementing specific SHRP2 Solutions. This resource is a quick guide if you have questions about a specific product, or just want to share information! As always, Pam Hutton at AASHTO is available for more information at phutton@aashto.org. ​
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New Information on Capacity Products:

New brochure on Implementing Eco-Logical (C06) is now available

Capacity Planning Tools including PlanWorks, TravelWorks, and EconWorks Now Launched

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New Information on Renewal Products:

Check Out Our SHRP2 Product Pages

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New Information on Reliability Products:

  • 200,000 Emergency Responders Nationwide Have Been Trained on the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program via L12/L32A/L32B
  • Watch the story by AASHTO Transportation TV or visit the product pages for more information.​
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New Information on Safety Products:

How to get involved

Through AASHTO Committees:

  • Develop specifications, policies, standards where needed
  • Identify technical stakeholders and advocates within your state
  • Communicate with your colleagues and peers
  • Identify and promote "lead states"
  • Provide panel members for workshops and plan product implementation
  • Support travel for training on SHRP2 Solutions
  • Participate in webinars, workshops, and peer exchanges

Through your state DOT:

SHRP2: Moving America’s Transportation System Forward Through Innovation
An overview of the SHRP2 program and recent successes.
SHRP2 in Action Photo Montage
View a snapshot of SHRP2 projects being implemented throughout the country.
SHRP2 Pavement Preservation Program for High Traffic Volume Roadways
New Approaches to Extending Pavement Life
SHRP2 Working for Kentucky
Two bridges built with only a quarter of the normal road closure time
SHRP2 Eco-Logical
Accelerating Project Delivery: The Next Generation of Environmental Streamlining
Product resources, technical materials, webinars and IAP applications
avaliable here.

Find extensive product resources, technical materials, access to webinars and applications for implementation assistance.

What are SHRP2 Solutions?

Our mission is to deliver efficient, practical solutions to plan, renew, and operate the nation's highway network through the collaborative efforts of the Federal Highway Administration, AASHTO, and the Transportation Research Board.

The implementation process
  "These breakthroughs in technology and new, streamlined processes will really make a difference in the way the transportation community does business."
Kirk Steudle, director of Michigan's department of transportation and chair of the SHRP2 Oversight Committee.