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SHRP2 Video and News
SHRP2 In Video and News
SHRP2 Solutions offer the tools and technologies we need for a safer and more efficient transportation system.
​SHRP2 in Video
Deputy Federal Highway Administrator David Kim announced Wednesday, Aug. 10 that 200,000 emergency responders had completed Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training.​
Minnesota DOT Demonstrates Chip Sealing on High-Volume Roadways
An effective road preservation technique
Time lapse video demonstrating Maine Department of Transportation's replacement of the Kittery Overpass PBES bridge using the ABC Toolkit from Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal (R04). SHRP2 in Action Photo Montage A snapshot of SHRP2 projects being implemented throughout the country. SHRP2: Moving America’s Transportation System Forward Through Innovation An overview of the SHRP2 program and recent successes.
SHRP2 Pavement Preservation Program for High Traffic Volume Roadways
New Approaches to Extending Pavement Life
SHRP2 Working for Kentucky
Two bridges built with only a quarter of the normal road closure time
SHRP2 Implementation Assistance
News in Design Spotlights AASHTO’s Innovative SHRP2 Implementation Program
SHRP2 Eco-Logical
Accelerating Project Delivery: The Next Generation of Environmental Streamlining
Animation of bridge project completed in 21 days on Warren Avenue Bridge in Providence, Rhode Island Barton Corners Bridge Slide -
August 12-28, 2014
60K responders trained to save lives, coordinate response and improve mobility MoDOT GRS abutment project, Rte. B over Bus.
Loop 70
New York DOT replaces I-84 bridge using Innovative Bridge Designs (R04)Tennessee Agencies Create Nation's First Incident Management Training Facility – TDOT New York DOT replaces I-84 bridge using Innovative Bridge Designs (R04)Louisiana State Police, DOTD announce traffic incident management program – New York DOT replaces I-84 bridge using Innovative Bridge Designs (R04)New York DOT replaces I-84 bridge using Innovative Bridge Designs (R04) – TRB Traffic Incident Management Responder Training Program saves lives, coordinates response teams, and restores mobility. – FHWA
Momentum is growing as SHRP2 unveils more assistance and more recipients.
Synopsis of SHRP2 progress in 2013 that led to our current implementation assistance roll outs. – AASHTO TV Implementing Innovative Transportation Solutions – January 2013. – AASHTO TV Innovative Bridge Designs
One Design - 10,000 Bridges
Time-lapse Keg Creek Bridge Replacement – TRB Pilot Test of Non-destructive Testing Options – TRB Interview, Kirk Steudle on SHRP2 Implementation – ITE
SHRP2 In the News
​09-14-16​Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ​"Transportation Experts See No Damage After Liberty Tunnel Inspection"
04-15-16 ASPIRE Magazine  "Fort Goff Creek Bridge: A Project to Restore Fish Passage"
06-22-15 Toledo Blade  On I-75, new bridges slated to move in Bowling Green ‘slide’ spans will be Ohio’s 1st
03-27-15 AASHTO Journal  "Journal SHRP2 Awards $5.85 Million in New Financial, Technical Aid to 21 Agencies"
03-13-15 AASHTO Journal  "First-Ever Bridge Slide Use in Arizona, Tribal Nations Draws Crowd to SHRP2 Event"
01-30-15 AASHTO Journal  "TTV Puts Camera on Program That Promotes Innovation for Transportation Problems"
01-16-15 AASHTO Journal  "New Round of SHRP2 Assistance Kicks In, Available to Help Implement Four Products"
  AASHTO Journal  "Maricopa Association of Governments Announces Effort to Implement SHRP2 Expediting Project Delivery."
11-14-14 AASHTO Journal  "Rhode Island Bridge Replacement Project Reopens Road After Just 21-Day Closure"
11-07-14 AASHTO Journal  "Motiani Named Executive Director for New National Operations Center of Excellence"
10-30-14 News Channel 5  "First TIM Training Facility Opens in Tennessee"
10-10-14 AASHTO Journal  "Register for Oct. 30 Showcase of New Rhode Island Bridge Replacement Using SHRP2"
09-19-14 AASHTO Journal  "MnDOT Workshop Highlights Pavement Preservation on High-Traffic Roadways using SHRP2 Tools"
09-05-14 AASHTO Journal  "Missouri Showcases SHRP2 Bridge Design Toolkit"
09-04-14​ WCNC ​"Making the Seconds Count in Traffic Incident Response"
08-18-14​ Warwick Post ​Watch Barton Corner Bridge Construction on RI DOT’s Web Cams
08-08-14​ Washington Post ​ "First responders learn how to dodge traffic while clearing safe path for drivers"
07-11-14 AASHTO Journal  "Sharp Increase in Interest for Fourth Round of the SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program"
June 2014 TIM Newsletter​ National Traffic Incident Management (TIM)Responder Training Program
06-09-14  The Responder  "Special Edition – Tennessee’s TIM Training Facility"
06-06-14  AASHTO Journal  "AASHTO Board Approves Technical Service Program to Help Fund New Operations Center of Excellence"
06-04-14  The Daily Times  "Firefighter Traffic Incident Classes Teach Safety During Traffic Stops, Rescues​"
02-07-14  AASHTO Journal  "State Tollways and Thruways Now Eligible to Apply for Products in Third Round SHRP2 Implementation Assistance"
02-05-14  The Advocate   "New system seeks to ease traffic snarls in Louisiana"
Jan-Feb 14 Public Roads  "Now Is the Time for Innovation"
Jan-Feb 14 Public Roads  "Roads Fostering a Culture of Innovation" – Editorial
12-20-13 AASHTO Journal  "National Operations Center of Excellence Moving Forward"
12-13-13 AASHTO Journal  "Multiple SHRP2 Webinars Roll Out Next Week"
Nov-Dec 13  TR News Includes the following SHRP 2 articles:
  • "Research Designed for Implementation and Historic Impact"
  • "Imagining the Second Strategic Highway Research Program in Action: A Product Showcase Scenario"
  • "Lasting Renewal with Minimal Disruption: Building a Highway Network into the Future"
  • "Maximizing Highway Capacity: Strategic Initiatives Address Collaboration, the Environment, the Economy, and Travel Needs"
  • "Providing Reliable Travel Times on the Highway System"
  • "This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Safety Research: Naturalistic Driving Study Yields Long-Sought Data"
  • "Moving Research Results into Implementation"
10-12-13 ENR New York  "I-84 Bridge Demolished and Replaced in 20 hours using ABC Methods"
(Journal Newspapers)
  "New I-84 bridge in just 18 hours"
05-28-13 Toledo Blades  "Ohio aims to clear crash sites faster"
09-13-12 Local News  "Nationwide program could help save lives of drivers, first responders - TN first to train"