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Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal (R07)

Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal (R07)

Product Overview

The Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal (R07) product was established to advance the development of performance specifications for rapid renewal applications across the country.  Developing performance goals for rapid renewal projects that focus on desired results can enable the construction industry and transportation agencies to be more innovative in delivering projects faster, with minimum disruption to the traveling public and greater durability. Included in Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal (R07) are options for both rigid and flexible pavements, as well as options for various project delivery methods.

These specifications address project selection, specification development, procurement, and changes that are necessary to achieve desired performance. Also included is a “how to” section for specification writers.

Tools and Guidance Information
Peer Exchanges and Showcase
Case Studies
TRB Guidance Documents
Implementation Assistance Program
  • Alabama, Maine, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Vermont implemented Performance Specifications for Rapid Renewal as part of the Implementation Assistance Program. Field activities were also performed in Louisiana and Missouri during the SHRP2 Program Development phase.
More Information

Performance specifications can result in faster project delivery, minimal disruption, and greater durability.