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SHRP2 Renewal Solutions

This page includes all renewal solutions developed through SHRP2. Many of these have their own “product page” and can be accessed through the links provided. If no separate product page exists, the link provided will be to a factsheet that offers general information.

Renew and Improve Our Highway System
  • Repair and replace bridges faster
  • Design longer-lasting bridges
  • More accurately inspect concrete bridge decks and tunnel linings
  • Design and construct low-cost, long-life pavement systems
  • Better detect and manage utility conflicts

SHRP2 Structures Solutions Retrospective Workshop Report - This report summarizes the SHRP2 Structures Solutions Retrospective Workshop, held on August 22, 2019 in Washington, DC. The goals of the workshop were to engage agencies involved in SHRP2 implementation activities; discuss experiences and opinions regarding the SHRP2 Program, Structures products, and current disposition of the products; and identify potential next steps.

SHRP2 Bridge Products
SHRP2 Pavement and Materials Solutions
SHRP2 Railroad Product
SHPR2 Utility Products

SHRP2 Program and Project Management Solutions