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SHRP2 Planning Solutions

Tools to deliver better projects on faster schedules, while incorporating modern environmental considerations
  • New web-based tools and resources to enhance collaboration and speed project delivery
  • Guide to working with resource agencies for smarter mitigation
  • Tools and techniques manage complex projects
  • 24 strategies for avoiding 16 common problems that delay project delivery
  • Guide to incorporating freight issues into highway planning
SHRP2 in Action

Key Planning Solutions

Project Planning and Management Tools

  • Planning Process Bundle (C02/C08/C09/C12/C15) – This bundle is a related group of SHRP2 products that addresses elements of transportation planning, programming, and project development, thereby requiring collaboration with entities outside the primary transportation planning agency in order to achieve success. These products, which are tied to the DecisionGuide in PlanWorks (C01), are designed to facilitate a collaborative process by providing case studies and step-by-step guidance on when and how to consider performance measures, visioning, greenhouse gas emissions, public-private partnerships, and freight during the transportation planning, programming, and decision-making processes.
  • Expediting Product Delivery – 24 strategies for addressing or avoiding common constraints to improve planning and environmental reviews (C19)
  • Resources for Using State-of-the-Art Travel Demand Models – Resource for advanced integrated models to track alternatives for addressing congestion (C46)
  • Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects – Tools to enable states to better manage construction risks (R09)
  • Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects – Innovative strategies for managing complex projects (R10)

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