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Expediting Project Delivery (C19)

Expediting Project Delivery (C19)


Product Overview

Speeding up the delivery of transportation projects is high on everyone's agenda. Expediting Project Delivery (C19) was developed through SHRP2 to provide innovative approaches to the planning process to produce better projects and environmental outcomes while addressing the common constraints encountered during project implementation.

Expediting Project Delivery saves time by reducing project delays while also providing innovative approaches to improve transportation planning and decision making. The strategies enable agencies to anticipate where delays are expected to occur and to apply tested strategies to avoid or reduce delays during all phases of project development and delivery.

These strategies save time, reduce the need for rework, reduce the risk of unanticipated permitting and mitigation costs, and provide a framework for resolving disputes. The Expediting Project Delivery framework includes:

  • Twenty-four proven and effective strategies that focus on planning, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and permitting phases of project development and delivery.
  • These strategies address 16 common obstacles to meeting project schedules, reducing risk, and building strong collaboration.

Twelve state and local agencies implemented C19 through the IAP, including the six lead adopters, Arizona DOT, Florida DOT, Idaho DOT, Maricopa Association of Governments, Massachusetts DOT, and Vermont AOT. Case studies detailing many of their experiences can be found below.

Reports and Publications
Presentations and Case Studies
  • Vermont Department of Transportation – Wayne B. Symonds, PE, VTrans Deputy Chief Engineer; Accelerated Bridge Program - SHRP2 C19 Expediting Project Delivery, June 11-17, 2017, Spokane, Washington
  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation – Michael Bolduc, MassDOT Planner/GIS Specialist; MassDOT's GIS-driven Project Initiation and Screening Tool, July 16-20, 2017, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) – Anubhav Bagley, MAG Information Services Manager & Denise McClafferty, MAG Regional Program Manager; Creating Data Partnerships to Support Transportation Planning and Economic Development, October 17-20, 2017, Savannah, Georgia
TRB Presentations

Joint Meeting of the TRB Committee: ADC10, ADC30, and ADC50; July 19, 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah

Two sequential sessions were held to showcase the results of six SHRP2 Expediting Project Delivery (C19) products. Each project funded through the Implementation Assistance Program was planned to implement one or more of the identified strategies.

  • Presentations – Morning session (PDF)
  • Presentations – Afternoon session (PDF)
  • Presentations from:
    • Maricopa Association of Governments – Anubhav Bagley: The development of an Intermountain West Region GIS tool to share information and data across a broad geographic area to aid transportation, land use planning and economic development.
    • Arizona Department of Transportation – Marinela Konomi: Adoption of program management protocols that implement efficient delivery of the Local Public Agency Federal-aid Highway Program.
    • Vermont Agency of Transportation – Jennifer Fitch and Aaron Guyette: Development of new program management protocols for an Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP)
    • Massachusetts Department of Transportation – Jose Simo: Integration of MassDOT’s Roads and Highways GIS system, developing new data filtering tools, reworking map elements, and adding new data.
    • Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department – Elisha Wright-Kehner: Development of a process for project delivery that results in fewer project delays, better decisions, and potentially lower project costs.
    • Florida Department of Transportation – Steve Braun: Implementing streamlining recommendations to develop enhanced schedule templates, identified certain activities to occur prior to PD&E, and options to advance purchase mitigation sites.
Peer Exchange, Summary Report
  • Session 1: Expediting Planning and Environmental Review of Key Global Transportation Projects in the Intermountain West Region, July 19, 2016
  • Session 2: Expediting Planning and Environmental Review in the South

Some of the links below require Adobe Connect to view correctly. Click here to see downloading options for Adobe Connect.

  • Webinar 1: March 23, 2016; Streamlining Decision Making in Project Delivery
  • Webinar 2: October 16, 2017; Agency Commitments to Internal Coordination and Delivery
  • Webinar 3: November 15, 2017; Improving Project Delivery Outcomes in Documentation and Construction
  • Webinar 4: December 11, 2017; Implementing Streamlining Measures
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Florida's purchase of 104 Advanced Wetland Mitigation credits led to time and cost savings during environmental permitting.
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Arizona DOT's Quick Reference Guide outlines project development and approval process in an easy-to-understand format.


Maricopa Council of Governments' data partnership with local, state, and federal agencies in the Intermountain West helps project developers plan more effectively.

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Vermont's VDOT used five strategies from C19 to improve implementation of their Accelerated Bridge Program.

VTrans ABP.jpg 

Massachusetts MassDOT developed an app called MaPPS to improve agency project coordination and expedite delivery.

MA MaPPS.jpg 

The Implementation Assistance Program has made it possible to implement C19 in 12 jurisdictions.