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SHRP2 Reliability Solutions

Reliability tools champion methods to achieve predictable travel times. They include data and analysis tools for travel-time reliability performance; reliability metrics in planning, programming, and design; organizing transportation agencies to improve reliability and prepare for future needs; and programs and training tools to improve incident response to clear crashes more quickly.

This page includes all reliability solutions developed through SHRP2. Many of these have their own “product page” and can be accessed through the links provided. If no separate product page exists, the link provided will be to a factsheet that offers general information. For the most current information on any of these products, go to the FHWA SHRP2 Reliability page.

Reliability Solutions
  • Organizing for Reliability Tools -- Processes and tools that help agencies assess their TSMO programs and implement changes to technical and business processes that will enhance their ability to manage unexpected congestion. (L01/L06)
  • National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training Program -- This multi-disciplinary training program is available for all emergency responders and those supporting Traffic Incident Management (TIM) operations. Used both in the classroom and online, the training brings together police, firefighters, state and local departments of transportation, towing, medical personnel, and other incident responders, leading to a safer, faster, integrated responder team. (L12/L32A/L32B) Also information available at:
  • NOCOE (National Operations Center of Excellence) – Website offering a suite of resources to serve the transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) community, including technical services such as peer exchange workshops and webinars, ongoing assessments of best practices in the field, and on-call assistance. The Center’s content was derived from research and work done through the SHRP2 product, Framework for Improving Travel-Time Reliability (L17), which was a resource to assist state departments of transportation in managing and improving their traffic operations and travel-time reliability.
  • Regional Operations in the 21st Century – A Vital Role for MPOs – An adaptable power point presentation and an accompanying presentation guide document are geared for presentation to the chief executive officers (CEOs) and senior managers of MPOs and to the MPO’s board members about the value of mainstreaming transportation systems management and operations as a core component and investment priority in the regional transportation planning process.
  • Regional Operations Forum - Regional forums expand opportunities to gain expertise in new strategies, technologies for enhancing transportation systems operations systems operations (L36)
  • Data and Tools for Reliability Analysis: During implementation, several of the products listed below were combined and have been integrated into various FHWA-Reliability platforms. The factsheet linked here briefly describes each one.