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Pavement Renewal Solutions

Pavement Renewal Solutions (R23)


Providing longer pavement life at lower cost through proven models and procedures to design and construct low-cost, long-life pavement systems.

Pavement Renewal Solutions, now called rePave, offer design and construction guidelines for long-life pavements. The rePave website offers six specific steps for selecting an appropriate Reconstruction Technique. Included are guidelines for data collection, testing, and other information needed for scoping, pavement design and construction specifications, as well as information on asphalt, concrete, and innovative materials. The rePave product is also available through AASHTOWare and is included in the Pavement ME Design suite of solutions.

Building pavements that can last 30 to 50 years would significantly save money for transportation agencies. These strategies to reconstruct existing pavements can be used on reconstruction projects to reduce costs, speed project completion, and save resources compared to removing and replacing the existing pavement. The scoping tool in rePave offers guidance in helping decide where and under what conditions for selecting any given pavement reconstruction technique specific to the site conditions and desired outcome.

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The Pavement Renewal Solutions tools are being used in Arizona, California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, and Utah.

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Video overview of Pavement Renewal Solutions

Washington State DOT estimates it achieved a 30 percent cost savings and a 50 percent reduction in user delay using the guidance in rePave compared to removing the existing pavement and constructing a new pavement.

rePave, a web-based tool to help you select the appropriate reconstruction technique for your pavements.